2nd Opinions and Focused Research 

Oftentimes patients are desiring of a second opinion or are encouraged by a friend or family member to get a second, and sometimes a third opinion prior to receiving a recommended treatment or procedure. This is not uncommon and is extremely helpful when making important medical decisions. It is extremely important that you feel comfortable and confident with the decision you make and the provider that you choose. 

In other situations, you may seek a second opinion as a result of a conflict or discomfort with a particular provider or their office staff, or facility. Maybe you just have a gut feeling that prompts you to seek the opinion of another healthcare professional. That is your right as a patient. 

We fully support your choice to pursue these opinions and are able to research different providers and/or facilities where you get your care whether locally or in other parts of the United States. 

Second Opinion and Focused Research

When getting another opinion it’s important that you have all pertinent records in your possession before proceeding. We can obtain the necessary records upon receiving a signed “Release of Medical Records” form which we will provide to you. By having all your medical records in hand, it enables other providers to give you a comprehensive opinion based on their examination of you and analysis of the records you present to them. 

Sometimes, a patient is seeking a treatment that is deemed “investigational” by either the medical community or your insurer. We are prepared to research these treatments for you and present you with as much information that is available at the time.  

Whether you’re contemplating a specific medication, or treatment for diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc., we will endeavor to research available options and treatment modalities. We also collaborate with other advocates in other parts of the country.

2nd Opinion