Empowering Our Clients for Years

Melanie Campa CEO

As an independent Board-Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) with 30 years of experience in the

healthcare industry, we provide nationwide consulting services to individuals, families, and Human Resources Directors with results driven solutions to obstacles and delays encountered in the delivery of healthcare.

I have a varied and extensive background in patient navigation, coordination of care, treatment

authorizations, insurance claim audits and resolution. We are also skilled at negotiating out of network fee reductions with hospitals, physicians, and other ancillary providers with an emphasis on “surprise billing,” and appeals of denied claims.

In addition, we also provide coordination of 2nd opinion consultations and research alternative

treatments when indicated. We are available to provide guidance to families who require the assistance of caregivers or transfer to transitional care facilities; whether interim or permanent, or assisted living accommodations.

We strive to deliver meaningful cost-effective solutions to our clients and their families and are

dedicated to assisting you in your health care goals.

Melanie Campa, BCPA

Board Certified Patient Advocate

Patient Advocacy Solutions, LLC


If you need assistance in navigating any personal medical billing, I would highly recommend Melanie Campa as your advocate. Melanie’s deep knowledge of both sides of the equation – patient and provider — was key in helping unravel a very complicated challenge for me between my insurance carrier and the physician group with whom I had an operation. Melanie brings complicated medical coding into layman’s terms for understanding, and her attention to detail was key in unraveling the issue. Most importantly, was the timely resolution to the issue that Melanie was able to provide. Get in touch with Melanie if you want results!

Jill M.



My brother was suffering from advanced melanoma that had metastasized to other parts of his

body. He was released from a clinical trial that he was in because it was no longer effective.

Melanie was able to research other clinical trials that were available for his advanced cancer.

She quickly located an oncologist at UCLA for a different clinical trial that he could be a

candidate for. She quickly developed a rapport with the administrator of the oncologist office responsible for

scheduling patients. Melanie was able to coordinate an appointment for my brother for the

following week at UCLA. Read More

Ron C.



If you need a Patient Advocate, you can’t do better than Melanie. While I think I know my way

around doctor’s offices and insurance, Melanie can see around corners and always had good

ideas that I hadn’t considered.

She’s thoughtful and pro-active but never overbearing or intrusive. Her fees are reasonable,

and she accounts promptly on a monthly basis. I sought out her counsel and valued her advice.

I’d engage her again if I ever face a complex surgical situation.

Kelly S.